IT integration, along with first-rate customer service, is what dpi is all about.

Maximize your productivity with Apple and its eco-system as delivered by dpi.

Helping the enterprise get the most out of Apple technology has been our specialty since 1994. 


Strong relationships. Better solutions.

At dpi, we do things differently. We work closely with you in order to bring you the best solutions to fit your individual and changing needs, whether they are hardware, software or service based.

Our sales professionals take you step-by-step through the order process. When any questions arise, you will get a technician on the phone here. Moreover, because we have strong relationships with each of our vendors, we will get answers on supporting the hardware and software you purchase.

In fact, our whole team goes the extra mile, so your organization can avoid the costs of unexpected downtime. 



Corporate solutions from dpi can help improve workflow throughout your enterprise.




Apple integration from dpi streamlines collaboration between coworkers and whole departments.



Industry-specific solutions from dpi, plus specialized IT know-how, offer reliability and speed.



We’ve partnered with best-in-class hardware, software and service providers to ensure you get the best solutions for your particular needs.


Our customer-centric approach even comes through in procurement.

Find out how purchasing from dpi will meet your sourcing objectives.


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